Crossfire windscreen, for Crossfires, 1997-2003.

You won’t find a more durable warranty or a more liberal trial period. Windbox Crossfire windscreens are warrantied for life, and each wind deflector comes with a full thirty day trial period. If you’re not totally impressed with our Crossfire windscreen, the return for refund. Windblox even pays for shipping back, from US addresses.

You caprice_88n also customize your windscreen with a full compliment of options: material choice of acrylic or lexan upgrade, etching, a cloth or vinyl satchel, vinyl or clear straps, rubber edging, and clear or color of tints (smoke, bronze, yellow, blue, red, orange). Get the windscreen you want.
These wind deflectors are manufactured right here in the USA. Since Windblox provides only premium the Crossfire wind deflector, this means we use only the best material to resist buffers and abrasions. Our wind deflectors stay clear, and often outlast the Crossfire!

Crossfire wind deflector JPEG Crossfire wind deflector

Windscreens are all about reducing the wind and turbulence around the cabin when you drive. For most Crossfire owners, they love the top-down driving experiencing, but loose the thrill after 15 minutes. Especially for women with long hair, the baseball cap or pony tail holder is just not a long term solution. When driving top down, passengers will want to be able to talk with each other and listen to the stereo. For the daily commute, drivers still want to be able to blue-tooth up and talk & listen on the cell phone without strain, without any more effort as if the top was up. Or, when taking a long trip with the top down, a driver wants to be able to take a three hour drive without feeling beat-up and tired when arriving at the destination.

What you’re looking at is a Crossfire windscreen as a result of hundreds of hours in the local club, feedback and testing several dozen prototypes, and continued feedback and refinement from Crossfire owners all over the US, and the world. Just like you, we’re passionate about our Crossfire and driving top-down. From this, we’ve created the most effective and value-leading windscreen for our Crossfire windscreen driving brothers and sisters in spirit.