Crossfire Windscreen FAQ


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Crossfire Windscreen FAQ

1) Do I need to remove this Crossfire Windscreen when I raise the top?
No, you do not.

2) What are the strap options?
At no additional cost, the gray straps are included; the clear straps are a $10 upgrade.

3) Does the bottom of this Crossfire Windscreen rub against the shelf?
No, it does not. The straps lift the windscreen up, so there’s a gap between the bottom of the windscreen and the shelf.

4) Is this Crossfire Windscreen compatible with the 2009+ hardtop?
Yes, it is, fits right underneath it.

5) Is this Crossfire Windscreen difficult to install?
If my twelve year old niece can do it in 90 seconds, you probably can to.

6) How fast can I drive with this Crossfire Windscreen?
We’ve had it on the track and tested up to 150 MPH!

7) How is lexan different than acrylic?
In comparison to glass, acrylic is about 18x stronger, and lexan is about 61x times stronger.

8) Could this Crossfire Windscreen yellow in intense sunlight? I live in Texas!
That happens when manufacturers use cheaper material, which Windblox does not!

9) How long with this Crossfire Windscreen last?
As long as your mindful with the handling and don’t drop it, your windscreen should outlast your Crossfire Windscreen.

10) Is the tinting some sort of film?
No, the tint is imbued into the material. In the worst case, if you scratch your Crossfire Windscreen, it doesn’t leave a scratch in the tinting.

11) Could this Crossfire Windscreen impede vision looking through the rear view mirror?
No, it does not.

12) Could this Crossfire Windscreen cause glare?
Again, this can happen when cheaper material is used, which Windblox does not.