15 Unique Advantages of the Crossfire Windscreen


#1 – Lifetime Warranty #2 – No Squeaking #3 – Super Easy Installation
This Crossfire Windscreen is warrantied for life against buffs and abrasions.
No Noise
This Crossfire Windscreen windscreen is clamped down, so there is no movement between the surfaces which then causes irritating squeaks.

If my 12 year old niece can install this in 90 seconds, you probably can too.
#4 – No Abrasion #5 – No Yellowing #6 – No Wobbling
Roll Hoop AbrassionThis windscreen does not rub against Crossfire Windscreen: Here’s a photo from a customer who used a Crossfire Windscreen windscreen from another vendor. Since the windscreen fit loosely, it rubbed against the car, causing this ongoing wear. Yellowed AcrylicThis Crossfire Windscreen windscreen, purchased from another vendor, used to be clear, but about a few years exposed to the Texas sun, the windscreen yellowed. Windblox Crossfire Windscreen windscreens will remain clear. WobbleNo flexing or wobbling. Since the Crossfire Windscreen windscreen is clamped down, the windscreen does not vibrate from ongoing wind buffeting.
#7 – No Abrasion #8 – No Yellowing
#9 – No Wobbling
150 MPHIf you have the stones, you can take this Crossfire Windscreen windscreen up to 150 MPH. Green ProcessWorking with acrylic and lexan isn’t exactly a green process, but we do what we can by recycling scrap from remnant cuts and using materials that incorporate soybean based oils. Laser FabricationWindblox cuts its Crossfire Windscreen windscreen on a 5000 watt laser, whereas other vendors typically use a 100 watt laser. This means our cuts are exceptional. Really, unless you’re using Darth Vadar’s light saber, you won’t find a better cut.
#11 – Which is Which?
One of these Crossfire Windscreen windscreen is brand spanken new, and the other one is over eight years old. The eight year old windscreen is from a customer who leaves his windscreen mounted ten months of the year. Since he’s such a big fan, he makes about 140 top-down driving days per year. So, can you tell which windscreen is brand new, never been used, and which one has 3,000 days usage?
#12 – Stronger Material
I put three patio bricks onto different windscreen material:

1) This material is the most commonly used by other vendors, since it’s the cheapest. You can see the material bottoms out under the weight of the bricks, more than three inches (7.6 cm) of deflection.
2) Now, some vendors try to get sneaky, by increasing the thickness to 3/8 of an inch. However, you can see that, with the same material, the same problem still exists. This material deflects about 1.5 inches (3.8 cm), which is still a lot.

3) Now, since Windblox Crossfire Windscreen are made with superior material, even though it’s 1/4 of an inch thick, the material deflects less than 7/8 of an inch (2.2 cm) under the same weight.
#13 – Superior Edge Cut

1) A customer purchased this Crossfire Windscreen from another vendor, cut with a shop router table. The edge is rough and the edge is jagged.

2) Machine cutting, while better, still has shortcomings. Here, this Crossfire Windscreen windscreenwas cut upon double side AR polycarbonate acrylic with a computer controlled router. Even though the edge is smoth, the machinery marks are still visable and tactile.

3) Since Windblox Crossfire Windscreen windscreen are fabricated with a 5000 watt laser, the edge is smooth as glass.


#14 – Resists Fractures #15 – 15 Year Scratch Resistant Rating
Fractured Plexi Regular Plexi
Here’s another customer’s sad story: he traded in this Crossfire Windscreen from another vendor. The material wasn’t up to the constant pressure and vibration. Mini-cracks first emerged, which then grew into larger cracks over time, until the entire structure of the Crossfire Windscreen was compromised.
Now, here is a close up of a slot from an eight year oldCrossfire Windscreen. Since Windblox uses strong material, it resists micro-cracking
15 Years
Windblox Crossfire Windscreen are constructed from material with a 15 year scratch resistant rating, which means your Crossfire Windscreen will continue to look clear through daily use.